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How to raising a baby owl?

There are many factors that apply when raising a baby owl, A owls primary source of food is meat. Such as mice,gophers,squirrels,chipmun ks,rabbits and also insects such as grasshoppers,beetles and even earthworms. Therefore what you feed them is most important, as their diet must consist of high protein.
Feeding them requires a source of food that contains blood. This can be done by giving your baby owl such foods as beef heart, stew meat,cut up steak, and purchasing mice from your local pet shop, You do not want to feed any types of grains or vegetation such as bird seed and lettuce,or any house hold foods.
The baby owl will eat better of a stick than out of your hand or by just placing a dish with its food on it. Wave the stick slowly in front of the owls face, similar to its parents way of feeding. They learn very fast that this is their way of getting food. It is also much safer than getting snipped by its sharp beak or clawed by its talons.
Owls are also very messy so the proper location is essential, in the house is not a good idea. The garage or its own little coop would be easiest to clean and maintain. Defecating, feathers, and the white shells from new feathers growing can be a chore to keep clean. A baby owl as it grows up can become very tame, They bob their heads and also hoot at you especially during feeding times.
Owls generally in the wild feed at night, so it is best to have covers on any windows or openings in its pen ,for they can get very restless at this time. But feeding them at night is not required . Raising an owl can be very educational and fun ,but when old enough if possible are better off to be returned back to the wild where they can find a mate and live out their natural lives.

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